Mid-century Red Velvet Chair

Introducing our Mid-century Red Velvet Chair – a stunning fusion of retro charm and contemporary style. Inspired by the iconic designs of the mid-20th century, this chair features sleek lines and sturdy metal legs for a modern touch. Upholstered in rich red velvet, it exudes opulence and sophistication. Its compact size makes it perfect for both small and large spaces, while its plush cushioning offers comfort without compromising on style. Whether placed in a retro-themed lounge or as an accent piece in a modern setting, the Mid-century Red Velvet Chair adds a pop of color and personality to any room. Elevate your decor with this chic rental option, ideal for events, photo shoots, or adding a touch of vintage flair to your home.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 78 × 80 × 80 cm