Botanical Palms Framed Prints

Introducing our Botanical Palms Framed Prints – Set of 2, a stunning addition to elevate your event decor with a touch of natural beauty. These framed prints feature intricate botanical illustrations of palm trees, exuding a sense of tropical charm and elegance. With their high-quality frames and vivid artwork, these prints make a captivating focal point when displayed together or separately. Whether hung on walls, placed on mantels, or incorporated into gallery walls, the Botanical Palms Framed Prints add a timeless and sophisticated ambiance to weddings, receptions, and special occasions.

Enhance the atmosphere of your event with the enchanting allure of our Botanical Palms Framed Prints – Set of 2, perfect for adding a touch of botanical elegance to any celebration.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 41 × 56 × 5 cm